Footer Text: Lorem ipsum dolor PHONETIC ALPHABET Letter Word Pronounced as A Alfa AL FAH B Bravo BRAH VOH C Charlie CHAR LEE or SHAR LEE D Delta DELL TAH E Echo ECK OH F Foxtrot FOKS TROT G Golf GOLF H Hotel HOH TEL I India IN DEE AH J Juliet JEW LEE ETT K Kilo KEY LOH L Lima LEE MAH M Mike MIKE N November NO VEM BER O Oscar OSS CAH P Papa PAH PAH Q Quebec KEH BECK R Romeo ROW MW OH S Sierra SEE AIR RAH T Tango TANG GO U Uniform YOU NEE FORM V Victor VIK TAH W Whiskey WISS KEY X X-ray ECKS RAY Y Yankee YANG KEY Z Zulu ZOO LOO Note: The syllables to be emphasised are underlined